Kylie Jenner's ex-bestfriend shades her amid Timothee Chalamet romance

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Kylie Jenner ex-bestie, Pia Mia has reportedly thrown major shade at the beauty mogul, who is currently dating the American-French actor Timothee Chalamet.

Lately, the ex-bestfriend of Kim Kardashian’s sister took to her Instagram to post a video. In this shared clip,  Mia reflected on conventional beauty standards while she did her make-over.

The estranged friend began the video by saying, "I can't remember anyone I've ever seen at a public pool with such a memorable body, good or bad, that I think about it ever again.”

She went on to explain, "I've never thought 'I wonder if that woman's jeans are a bigger size this year than they were last year.'”

“Never sat at a table at a party and repeated a story about the way someone's arms looked in their tank top or which notch someone had on their belt when I saw them last," Mia stated and this was reportedly a thinly-veiled jibe at her billionaire ex-bestfriend Kylie, as per the findings of The U.S. Sun.

Later in the footage, she touched on the intricacies of friendship and claimed that she would never let her friends down by highlighting their flaws. Instead, she would always encourage them to be comfortable in their own skin.

"Not that their frame is small or their clothes are expensive because it is one thing to want to be looked at and another to want to be known," the narrator said in conclusion.  

According to former reports of the same outlet, Kylie Jenner and Pia Mia remained close friends for years, but currently they have cut ties with each other for an unknown reason.