Justin Timberlake set to release new album?

Justin Timberlake shared a carousel of pictures after clean-sweeping his entire social media

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Justin Timberlake recently posted a series of pictures and a video on his social media.

The 42-year-old musician sparked speculations of a new music by posting a video on TikTok as he made it seem like he’s standing on the set of a cinematic production, possibly a music video at a massive structure like a cathedral with arched, vaulted ceilings.

In response to a comment that asked, "New music????" Justin counted on his fingers, pausing until he reached six, then raised his eyebrows and exited the frame, leaving the post captionless.

Later, he took to his Instagram account that he wiped clean earlier this month. The post featured a slideshow of pictures with a cryptic caption reading, "EITIW."

The carousel post's opening image featured an inverted fake missing person flyer with the words "Have you seen this man?" followed by his name.

A staging and a little replica of a brick wall with an ice chest were shown in another picture. In the last image, an orange hard drive with the letters "EITIW" written in sharpie.