Secret behind Kim Kardashian's success revealed

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Secret behind Kim Kardashians success revealed
Secret behind Kim Kardashian's success revealed

From the outset, Kim Kardashian reportedly wanted to be famous. Cracking the code behind her success, a manifestation coach Kathleen Cameron credited this to her attitude.

"Kim Kardashian is very, very honest about how she wanted to be famous, she wanted this life, she wanted to be admired, she wanted to be on the red carpets and she wanted to wear designer gowns,” the expert told The Mirror.

She continued: "It's universal law, what you desire and what you believe is possible for you will then move into the physical form.”

Noting, “Most people just won't say they want that, most people won't allow themselves to dream for that. And not everybody wants that reality she has, but it is a beautiful example of manifestation."

Meanwhile, Kathleen pointed the eldest Kardashian daughter is not the only one using manifestation techniques in the family.

"Everything starts as an idea in someone's mind and so the Kardashians are actually a really beautiful story," the coach continued.

"Even Kendall Jenner was on a talk show and she read her list. It was like a letter that she wrote to herself on how she wanted to be a top model and that became her reality."