Jennifer Lopez credits Ben Affleck for her 'creative side'

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Jennifer Lopez credits Ben Affleck for her creative side
Jennifer Lopez credits Ben Affleck for her 'creative side'

Ben Affleck happens to be the ultimate reason behind Jennifer Lopez’s thriving approach towards music.

Ahead of the 54 year-old singer’s album release of This is Me… Now, a source told PEOPLE that she’s “relishing her creative freedom.”

"It’s been the perfect time to focus on a new album. She’s loved creating new music. She’s very excited [about] it. Ben’s proud of her. He’s her biggest fan. He loves how hard working and focused she is,” the insider said.

They also shared that Jennifer and Ben spent “a great Christmas together.”

“Their family life is great too. The kids are all friends. They get along really well,” the tipster said.

The Get On The Floor hitmaker talked about her recent single track Can’t Get Enough during a YouTube Live and revealed the Gone Girl actor’s contribution in it.

"Not that he’s ever really made videos or anything like that, but I just trust his opinion and his ideas. Nobody kind of knows my story or me more than he does. I really feel like he gets me and he understands me, obviously,” she had said.