Christopher Nolan gets a sleepy surprise of ‘13 Oscar nominations'

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Christopher Nolan gets a Sleepy surprise of ‘13 Oscar nominations’
Christopher Nolan gets a Sleepy surprise of ‘13 Oscar nominations’ 

In a sleepy twist of fate, Cristopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer secured 13 Academy Award Nominations on Tuesday, as the director slept through the announcement. 

“Don’t take it as being blase. We just didn’t want to jinx anything. Watching the nominations was more than our nerves could take so we just had a restless night and slept through.” said Nolan, talking to the Associated Press.  

During the interview it was revealed that Nolan was asleep and his wife (Emma Thomas) only roused him because his phones was storming with congratulatory messages.

“It’s flabbergasting, then we got on with the routine of getting a 16-year-old out of bed, but with a spring in our step” expressed Thomas reflecting on the success of the film.  

Nevertheless, Oppenheimer has been leading the race of Oscars nomination since its debut in July, the film eventually got nominated for various categories including direction, adapted screenplay, costume design, cinematography, editing, best sound, makeup and hairstyling, production design, actor and supporting actor and best original score. 

Christopher Nolan, 53, is a globally acclaimed filmmaker of the 21st century and a grand-scale auteur. 

Despite these acknowledgments he has never won any Academy Award, although he has been previously nominated for the ‘Best Director’ for Dunkirk.