Prince Harry, Meghan Markle slapped with massive warning over ‘juicy' contract

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have just been hit with a massive warning in regards to their ‘juicy’ Netflix docuseries.

All of this has been brought to light by PR expert Lynn Carratt from Press Box PR.

She weighed in on everything during one of her most recent chats with The Mirror.

During that chat she touched on the ‘juicy’ Netflix documentary by the Sussexes and admitted, “We know Netflix are after that 'juicy' content from Meghan and Harry in the form of a feature documentary about their royal past.”

But “in order to rebuild their image the couple should stay away from this.”

So perhaps “their unscripted could be a second series of their Harry and Meghan docuseries and a documentary about Africa that Harry is keen to make,” she added.

“But all eyes will be on the couple’s debut movie and, if that goes well, Netflix could well extend their deal, but they’ll have to stay away from public appearances with competing streaming companies.”