Amy Robach 'loses hope' ahead of 50th birthday with beau T.J. Holmes

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Photo: Amy Robach loses hope ahead of 50th birthday with beau T.J. Holmes
Photo: Amy Robach 'loses hope' ahead of 50th birthday with beau T.J. Holmes

Amy Robach is reportedly all set to celebrate her 50th birthday along with beau and co-presenter T.J. Holmes. 

As fans will know, 6th of February is the birthday of the popular American broadcaster, Amy Robach, who has reportedly had a really challenging year.

On the latest episode of their infamous podcast, the 46-year-old presenter T.J. Holmes reminded Amy that she will be in turning 50 soon.

Amy enthusiastically remarked in response, “Wow. I'll be officially in my fifties. Oh, that sounds different than saying I just turned 50. I'll be in my fifties.”

“I'm in the thick of it. I'm immersed deeper in my fifties … this is birthday week, so it's exciting,” she added.

Amy went on to confess, “It's a big birthday, but it was a tough year and so I didn't feel like I even had the bandwidth to hope and to dream and to be excited and to look forward to.”

She maintained, “When you're stuck in something and you're overwhelmed by circumstances, you don't necessarily,” before noting, “I think that's one of the losses is that you kind of lose hope and excitement about what's coming and I feel that now.”

“So yes, I'm excited about turning 51 and birthday week is probably going to turn into birthday month. Just letting you know,” she concluded.

The acknowledgment comes after reports surfaced on the internet that the celebrity pair might consider seeking “couple’s therapy” to make their relationship work.