Victoria Monet pens a heartfelt note for her ‘Inspiration'

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Victoria Monet pens a heartfelt note for her ‘Inspiration
Victoria Monet pens a heartfelt note for her ‘Inspiration'  

On 7 February, 2024, the Nothing Feels Better singer took to her Instagram account to express sincere gratitude to her ‘inspiration’.

Victoria Monnet posted a picture of herself along with Beyonce and wrote a heartfelt caption addressing Queen Bey as her ‘inspiration’ and ‘idol’. She began by saying, “I was extremely nervous to come say hello to you I swear I’m usually not even the type to have the courage, but as soon as we spoke I felt a calm over me.”

In an effort to explain her admiration she continued by saying, “God knows how much I love you, how you’ve musically raised me and trained me to be a better performer by watching and experiencing you”

The 34 year old singer also called Sasha Fierce’s legacy as the ‘best blueprint any performer could ever ask for’ and lauded the Single Ladies singer for balancing motherhood and her career.

Monét finished off her note with gratefulness for “opening doors for so many of us black girls, and for taking the time to speak to me on the biggest day of my career.”

“I love you forever, all ways, always!” she added.

However, meeting her ‘Idol’ wasn’t the only thing to celebrate for the Jaguar artist as she also bagged 3 accolades on the prestigious night, including New Artist, R&B Album and Engineered Album, Non-Classical.