‘Royal rift widens': Prince Harry requires a ‘big change of heart' to end feud

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‘Royal rift widens’: Prince Harry requires a ‘big change of heart’ to end feud
‘Royal rift widens’: Prince Harry requires a ‘big change of heart’ to end feud

Prince Harry left UK following a brief meeting with his cancer-stricken father, King Charles, without even seeing his elder brother, Prince William.

Harry, the Duke of Sussex, did not even meet Kate Middleton, who recently underwent an abdominal surgery and is recovering at home, as per reports.

Discussing the matter, BBC royal correspondent Michael Cole told GB News that the “45-minute” session would have been done on the phone instead.

Speaking of Harry snubbing William during his short visit, the expert said, "Certainly what he hasn't been doing is speaking to his brother, who we saw admirably carrying out his royal duties today at an investiture at Windsor Castle.”

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"The contrast between the two brothers grows ever wider,” he added. "Whether there's ever going to be a possibility of a reconciliation with his brother. I would rather doubt it.”

"At the moment. I think in the epic words of Muhammad Ali, there are two chances of that, slim and none. I think that's how it is going to continue until there's a big change of heart at the Camelot in California.

"They should actually be looking at themselves, that it's taken a crisis within the Royal Family, the declaration of this cancer, a condition for The King.

"They should be thinking to themselves, what really matters in life? What is important? And put the trivialities behind them."