Sunday, February 11, 2024

King Charles' Palace branded ‘weird' like a ‘yolk oozing from a cracked egg'

King Charles’ monarchy has just been compared to the ‘weird’ yolk of a cracked egg

King Charles Palace branded ‘weird like a ‘yolk oozing from a cracked egg
King Charles' Palace branded ‘weird' like a ‘yolk oozing from a cracked egg'

Experts believe King Charles allows the ‘weirdness’ of his monarchy spill out unchecked like the rich yolk of a cracked egg.

Claims about everything have been shared by royal commentator Jan Moir.

She touched on it all in a piece for the Daily Mail.

In that piece she spoke at length about the Royal Family and said, “Like the rich yolk oozing from a cracked egg, sometimes the utter weirdness of the Royal Family spills unchecked into the public domain.”

“That happened this week with the sad news of King Charles’s cancer diagnosis.”

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“It didn’t just set in motion the usual Windsor welter of entrenched non-speaks and warring factions; of cashmere-wrapped wives bubbling with fury, while rushed meetings were set up for their menfolk in overstuffed drawing rooms as equerries hovered, looking at their watches.”

That is because “It also seemed to suggest that the fault lines, so casually blown open by the vengeful Sussexes, will never fuse or heal, no matter what fresh tragedy befalls the family.”

‘In the doomed sea of royal conciliation, we’re far from the shallows now.”