Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Kanye West makes 'coward' decision at Super Bowl

Expert believes Kanye West wore mask at Super Bowl to avoid Kim Kardashian

Kanye West makes coward decision at Super Bowl
Kanye West makes 'coward' decision at Super Bowl

A body language expert claims Kanye West made a cowardly decision by wearing a mask at the Super Bowl to avoid ex-wife Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift.

At the sporting event, the Power hitmaker entirely hid behind an Alexander McQueen crucifix mask as he wore a black leather jacket and matched it with trousers.

Besides him, Bianca Censori donned an oversized black trench coat and tight black hood.

Meanwhile, the fashion mogul was with her Kardashian family at the Allegiant Stadium.

In an analysis of Ye's outfit selection at the game, expert Judi James shared that Ye was apparently uneasy at bumping into his ex-wife.

"In his Dath Vader-chic, with his crucifix face mask in place to hide any trace of emotions like wariness or anxiety at the prospect of bumping into either his ex Kim, her current man Odell, or even the Queen of the Super Bowl and the woman he has dissed in the past, Taylor Swift, Kanye seems to have delegate all that expressing of tension onto his current wife Bianca here."

She continued, "Not only is she providing non of the usual distraction signals by baring naked body parts, she also has her face framed and featured by the hood headgear she is wearing."

Allegedly using her wife to deflect focus from him, Judi said, "When a man takes his current wife to a gathering that includes his ex-wife and her new love interest and then proceeds to render himself invisible, making his current wife's facial expressions visible to the world it might not look like the bravest move in the book."

She noted, "But maybe Kanye knew the people he has history with would be at other parts of a crowded stadium. He's clearly not wanting to look like an immersive sports fan either though."