Hollywood patience runs out for Dakota Johnson?

Insiders suggest Dakota Johnson may find working opportunities less after 'Madame Web' poor reviews

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Hollywood patience runs out for Dakota Johnson?
Hollywood patience runs out for Dakota Johnson?

After Madame Web's scathing reviews, Dakota Johnson's future in the industry is reportedly under dark clouds as insiders sound red alarms.

Well-placed sources reveal, "With all of the bad reviews, Dakota's petrified Madame Web could do even worse and become the biggest Marvel flop of all time. That's the last thing she needs on her resume," alerting, "No one may hire her after this!".

Not to mention, the 34-year-old previous performances, especially in the Fifty Shades franchise, failed to impress critics.

"It certainly will be difficult for her to recover from a disaster of this magnitude!" the mole squealed to OK! Magazine.

Apart from that, the kid of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson is reportedly fighting against the label of "nepo baby."

"Dakota has desperately tried to shed the nepo baby tag for as long as she's been acting" and lackluster reviews will do anything but help her efforts."

Remember, the Rotten Tomatoes rating of the superhero flick was merely 13%. 

Slamming the movie, one critic sneered, "a torturous saga that haplessly spins about in circles."

Another wrote, "Madame Web isn't as bad as you've heard. It's so much worse! Dakota Johnson's Spidey-adjacent misadventure is the Cats of superhero movies."