Will Sharpe to turn Mozart for upcoming series 'Amadeus'

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Will Sharpe to bring Mozart back to life in upcoming series
Will Sharpe to bring Mozart back to life in upcoming series

Will Sharpe, after delivering a remarkable performance as Ethan in The White Lotus is set to adopt another extraordinary character.

The anticipated series Amadeus will cover the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and is produced by Two Cities Television, in association with Sky Studios. The show set in 18th-century Vienna is written by Joe Barton and directed by Julian Farino.

“Recently unemployed and without the management of his father, Amadeus finds an unlikely ally in a young singer who will become his wife, fiery Constanze Weber Mozart. Her connections help bring him into the orbit of the court composer Antonio Salieri, setting the three of them on a collision course that will ultimately define their lives and their legacies for years to come”, a synopsis released by the producer.

The series will explore the mythic rivalry between fellow musicians and encapsulate drama, jealousy, unparalleled music and ambition. 

It is a reimagining of Peter Shaffer’s award-winning stage play that inspired Milos Forman’s 1984 movie that secured eight Academy Awards.

The shooting is scheduled to begin later in 2024. With an accomplished team onboard, the show promises a fresh take on the story of the musical prodigy.