Barry Keoghan ignores questions about Sabrina Carpenter

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Barry Keoghan ignores questions about Sabrina Carpenter
Barry Keoghan ignores questions about Sabrina Carpenter 

Barry Keoghan steered clear of a question about Sabrina Carpenter amid their dating rumors.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, the Irish actor was asked if he plans on bringing a date to the Golden Globes.

“Look, I read all of that, and it obviously gets sent to me as well. But you gotta take it with a pinch,” the Saltburn actor replied.

Speaking of people’s interest in a celebrity’s life, he continued, “It’s just the response to the movie that’s kicking a lot of stuff about. I tend to stay away from the internet because I want to kind of get back to some meditative stuff.”

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“By that I mean boxing or playing the PlayStation or going out on a walk, or stuff that involves me being present. It’s about putting the phone down or whatever and taking time to yourself. Be nice to yourself,” Barry explained.

His comment comes after he sparked romance rumors with the Feathers hitmaker in December 2023 after they were seen out for dinner together.

Recently, Barry also moved to Los Angeles allegedly to be closer with Sabrina.

“Barry is in demand at the moment and Los Angeles is where it is at. He is also wanting to spend as much time with Sabrina as possible given their hectic work schedules,” a source told the outlet.