Cillian Murphy reveals bizarre ‘Oppenheimer' incident that led to injury: Watch

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Cillian Murphy and co-star Emily Blunt recently revealed a shocking incident from Oppenheimer’s set.

The Oppenheimer stars appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live alongside Robert Downey Jr. and shared a gift giving gesture that resulted in the lead star getting a head injury that was then “glued shut.”

Blunt and Murphy had exchanged gifts when they began working together. The Peaky Blinders star gifted her a “voucher for Holiday Inn Express,” while A Quiet Place actress gifted Murphy a Hastens pillow.

“She got me a very nice pillow,” Cillian shared.

“So I got him this very beautiful pillow that I'm obsessed with these pillows. It's a Hastens pillow,” Emily said.

Emily then revealed that Murphy told her he’d flipped the pillow to the “cool side” and missed the pillow when he put his head down, hitting the bedside table instead and smashing “his head open.”

“They had to glue his head shut,” Emily revealed.

“They glued your head shut?,” Jimmy asked.

“Yeah, Luisa Abel, our amazing makeup designer,” Cillian chimed in.

“I just came in, she glued my head and covered it up and you don't see it in the movie, I think,” Cillian added.

Meanwhile, Oppenheimer is currently reigning when it comes to awards, gaining 13 Oscar nominations, which was the most by any film.

Murphy and Robert Downey Jr. both recently bagged BAFTA awards for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor respectively. Whereas director Christopher Nolan took home the Best Director gong at the BAFTAs for Oppenheimer.