Kanye West calls himself an alien in interview alongside Bianca Censori

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Kanye West has left fans baffled with an odd statement about himself, saying that he’s from Mars.

Kanye is currently in Milan for listening events of his album Vultures 1. He was interviewed by thepeoplegallery while he attended Marni's FW24 show in the city.

When asked to introduce himself, the Praise God rapper said: "I'm Ye, and I'm from Mars."

He then laughed and talked about his outfit with the interviewer. The 46-year-old seemed to be in high-spirits during the trip.

The interviewer then asked him what his favorite styling tip was, and he quipped: "Me. That's all you need to know."

Meanwhile, body language expert Judi James has analyzed the couple’s body language on their trip to Milan, noting how Bianca’s barely-there leather outfit seemed to reduce her to “a doll-like presence.”

She told The Mirror: "She sits upright and demure, with her hands placed carefully on her lap or stands to be photographed like a shop window mannequin. However there are also some poses between Bianca and Kanye that might actually pass for PDAs, or as near to PDAs as Kanye gets with his beautiful wife in public."

Judi also noted how Kanye’s face is no longer masked during his outings: "With his face no longer covered by a mask his expression does seem to be deadpan but he does have an arm around Bianca’s waist at one point and there is actually another stunning moment when the couple are sitting laughing together playfully in a very rare display.”

Per Judi, Kanye and Bianca did put on some loving displays at the fashion show: “Bianca’s expression here does imply she sees her rather serious and dour-looking husband as a bringer of fun an joy. As the pair engage in eye contact Bianca’s smile wrinkles her nose in a gesture of shared humour and pleasure."