Taylor Swift shares cute texts with Sabrina Carpenter at Sydney concert

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Taylor Swift just conducted her second successful concert during her Eras Tour in Sydney on Saturday, February 24, 2024.

The Midnights album-maker performed at the Accor Stadium for about 81,000 fans in Australia and was a concert night full of sweet moments.

A fan took to their X account, formerly Twitter, to upload a video of Swift where she spoke to her spectators about her “incredible opening act” and revealed a cute text interaction she had with Sabrina Carpenter.

"I texted Sabrina and said, 'How are they out there?' and her response was 'Extremely lit and amazing' " the singer told the crowd of Sydney as she proceeded to call Carpenter on stage to join her.

Another video that has surfaced on X, uploaded by a different fan, shows the Lover crooner praising the crowd who were thunderously cheering Swift on.

"Ah Sydney, you are just ... right off the bat you're making me feel so ... just extraordinary right now," the 34-year-old musician stated.

Swift can then be seen adoringly point her finger at the crowd. She swept her arm across the stadium while the crowds from each section applauded for her.