Prince William becomes a hurdle between King Charles, Prince Harry reunion

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Prince William doubts Prince Harry’s intention of offering his help to King Charles following his shocking cancer diagnosis as he believes it’s a “PR stunt.”

The Prince of Wales does not think Harry flew to UK to be with Charles as his visit came off “more of a PR stunt” than of son a concerned son.

“Harry flew to London but only spent 45 minutes with his dad at Clarence House before rushing off to Las Vegas to present at the NFL Honors,” an told In Touch Weekly.

They said the Duke of Sussex could have easily cancelled his appearance but he attended the event knowing how hard it must be for the Royal family amid Charles’ diagnosis.

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“Now, whatever truce Harry and Charles may have had, it’s over,” the said, adding that “the father-son bond they share never went away, and they were able to mend things pretty quickly.”

As for William, the insider said he was “livid that Harry’s trip home to England was so short,” adding, “It’s no secret that he and other royals feel Harry has dropped the ball when it comes to supporting Charles, both in his role as king and now during his health crisis.”

Bashing Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, the tipster said, “They continue to want the perks of being members of the monarchy, but don’t want anything to do with the actual royals.”

“It’s very sad,” the royal insider said, “Most families, no matter their underlying issues, come together during hard times. Not the royals.”