‘Barbie' equates to ‘hell' in one scathing review

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‘Barbie equates to ‘hell in one scathing review
‘Barbie' equates to ‘hell' in one scathing review

2023 was the year of Barbie. With many praising the Mattel doll film, some picked fault in the movie. German director Werner Herzog was one of them — who equated the flick as “sheer hell.”

Appearing on Piers Morgan: Uncensored, the Reacher filmmaker was asked which team he would choose Oppenheimer or Barbie.

“I have not seen Oppenheimer yet, but I will do it,” he shared. “Barbie, I managed to see the first half hour, and I was curious. I wanted to watch it because I was curious." 

"And I still don’t have an answer, but I have a suspicion. Could it be that the world of Barbie is sheer hell?”

He continued, “For a movie ticket, as an audience, you can witness sheer hell, as close as it gets.”

However, the noted director insisted he has yet to watch the full movie and then will form a definitive opinion.

“I don’t know yet,” the 81-year-old stated. “Give me a moment to watch the whole thing. I have to watch the whole thing first.”

Registering to his criticism, the British host likewise slammed the Greta Gerwig’s project.

“Yes! Let me spare you the horror. I watched the whole thing, and it is hell. I completely concur with your initial assessment after half an hour.”