Russell Crowe wants to 'change himself' before marriage

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Russell Crowe wants to change himself before marriage
Russell Crowe wants to 'change himself' before marriage

Russell Crowe is reportedly planning to lose weight after he is set to exchange vows with fiancée Britney Theriot.

Well-placed sources reveal, "Britney loves Russell for who he is," noting, "She doesn't care what he looks like, but that doesn't mean she's not worried about his health."

The chiseled-shaped star at the time of Gladiator has since gained an unhealthy amount of weight.

"The extra weight he's carrying is hard on his body," insiders told RadarOnline.

"Russell is unapologetic about it, but he's agreed that it's time to get healthier."

But, the mole insisted, the legendary star would shed weight in an old-school way.

"He's not going to go on some crazy diet," a tipster tattled. "He plans to just start eating healthier and work out every day."

In the meantime, Russell and Britney have become acquaintances on Broken City set in 2013. In 2020, however, the duo became romantically involved.