Prince Andrew showcases ‘power walk' for Windsor Castle Memorial Service

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Prince Andrew showcases ‘power walk for Windsor Castle Memorial Service

Prince Andrew makes power move at Windsor Castle memorial service, says an expert.

After Prince William pulled out of the service due to personal reasons, Andrew walked with a grinning face.

Speaking about his ‘dominant’ body language, royal expert Judi James tells "Walking in the front line with Anne's husband Tim, Andrew seems to have placed himself in the role of royal sheepdog, walking ahead and slightly to the side while glancing back to check everyone is keeping up and herded into the church. He even walks backwards at one point to check out the others as they are greeting their host by the door.

"His dominant and emphatic hand gesticulation is another power move that world leaders use to suggest dominance and authority when walking with other leaders. This sense of signalled authority is only emphasised when Andrew is seen chatting to the clergyman in full regalia who is hosting them, standing up close and personal and actually holding the man by the upper arm.

They added: "Andrew even delivers a casual power pat on the bishop as he walks away, which is a very odd gesture of superiority that few people would land on a clergyman like this.

"It's Andrews wide mirthless grin that is the most haunting gesture here though. Performed at a memorial service when everyone else is looking solemn, it looks lacking in empathy. It arrives from nowhere and it disappears just as quickly, hinting that this might have been a message of bravado from Andrew to the cameras and the public rather than a signal of authentic pleasure,” noted the expert.