Ariana Grande warns hackers behind 'Fantasize' leak

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Ariana Grande warns hackers behind Fantasize leak
Ariana Grande warns hackers behind 'Fantasize' leak

Ariana Grande sent off a warning to hackers responsible behind the unreleased versions of her song.

In a recent interview during Zach Sang Show podcast, the 30-year-old talked about the time her music from studio sessions with Max Martin got leaked.

Recalling how Fantasize was all over TikTok, Ariana said, "Before I left for Wicked, the few studio sessions I did, which are all — all — over TikTok, thank you so much.”

She then addressed the hackers and said, "I'll see you in jail, literally.”

Ariana then disclosed that the song was actually written for an unnamed TV show, not for her own studio album.

"So Fantasize comes out — 'comes out' — crazy, was stolen. Come out? Thieves, pirates, crooks, illegal. I'll pay you more to put it away, to get it back," she said with a laugh.

However, Ariana admitted that she was taken aback by the positive feedback.

"I was like, 'a) all of you are absolute hypocrites, and b) that's crazy! It's so corny!' But it's okay. I took the note, and I kind of gave them Ariana's version of that on the album. I would say that exists," she said.