Meghan Markle tired of being Prince Harry ‘plus one,' wants new identity

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Meghan Markle tired of being Prince Harry ‘plus one, wants new identity

Meghan Markle wants to be more than just a ‘plus one’ to Prince Harry, says an expert.

The Duchess of Sussex, who married into the Royal Family in 2018, recently visited Canada with husband Harry for an Invictus Games event.

Speaking of Meghan’s desire to be more on the three-day trip, body language expert Judi James tells the Mirror: "Meghan's body language shows her to be super-supportive and encouraging, clearly wanting to be more than Harry's 'plus one' here."

She added: "When he squats to chat to athletes she squats right alongside him and her body language rituals define her as very much a part of him in the communication.

"Her head is close to his and her reactions mirror his during the chats, showing her to be sharing the conversations with her husband rather than doing her own thing."

Ms James concluded: "Meghan is in support and congratulatory mode again, walking into shot with both hands held out in a proffered hug. Harry keeps his safety helmet in his hands though, signalling a decline of the hug, while he continues chatting to the guy next to him