Noah Cyrus lied about romance with Tish's husband Dominic Purcell? Report

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Noah Cyrus dated Tish’s husband Dominic Purcell per previous reports
Noah Cyrus dated Tish’s husband Dominic Purcell per previous reports 

Noah Cyrus reportedly lied about having dated mom Tish’s husband Dominic Purcell to get attention.

Despite claims by previous sources that Noah, 24, dated Dominic, 54, before he married her mom, new report calls it untrue.

"Noah never dated Dominic and they were not together. She is delusional to think otherwise and is trying to create a narrative that will paint her as a victim," a tipster told Daily Mail.

"Noah has always craved the attention because she did not get it growing up. Tish was always so Miley-sided because that is where the money was,” continued the source.

The source also claimed that "Miley and Tish are like sisters,” adding that “Noah has always been envious of this because she’s never had a connection with Tish like Miley has,"

They further explained: "Tish and Dominic are all in with each other and Noah and Dominic never even had a thing going on and think that it is ludicrous that people would think Tish stole Dominic from her daughter."

The insider also revealed why Noah was absent from Tish’s wedding to Purcell, where Miley was a maid-of-honor.

They said: "Noah was not invited to Tish's wedding and she would not have come even if she was. Tish wanted a peaceful wedding and did not want Noah to create any sort of scene.”