Lily Gladstone reveals her acting role model

Lily reportedly received some pro-tips from her acting role model, who is also a two-time Oscar-winner

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Photo: Lily Gladstone reveals her acting role model
Photo: Lily Gladstone reveals her acting role model

Lily Gladstone opens up about her acting role model ahead of 2024's Oscars

The American actress has reportedly looked up to Cate Blanchett since her teenage years.

In a recent confessional with People Magazine, the 37-year-old star spilled the beans on her hidden ambitions and latest expert advice.

Gushing over the two-time Oscar-winning actress, the 37-year-old confessed in this chat, "You grow up idolizing somebody's career and their acting,” before noting, “And you think it's going to be a bit of advice about how to stay present or how to really commit to an objective or some acting tip.”

She went on to address the disappointment she had to go through when Cate was not conferred with the Oscar for her gig in Elizabeth at the 1999 Academy Awards.

"I remember just being really, really upset about that,” she shared.

Lily further explained, “She's my ultimate actress. I think she's the great talent of this generation."

For those unversed, Lily has been nominated for her acting role alongside Leonardo Di Caprio in the blockbuster movie Killers of the Flower Moon in this year's Academy Awards, which are scheduled to take place on 10th March 2024.