Netflix to bring THIS Norwegian hit on the platform

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Netflix to bring THIS Norwegian hit on the platform
Netflix to bring THIS Norwegian hit on the platform

Netflix announced on Monday that the award-winning comedy drama Pørni will hit the streaming platform.

After a successful hit in Norway, the drama has made its way to America to captivate the audience with its compelling storyline.

For those unversed, Pørni is a Norwegian TV series that premiered in 2021. The enthralling comedy drama revolves around a single mother Pørni who is responsible for three children, her elderly father and the children she meets at work.

Pørni works for Child Protection Agency and the drama focuses on her as she deals with difficult situations in her personal and work life.

The acclaimed drama, created by Henriette Steenstrup, who also plays the lead role, is described by the streaming giant as a “joyful, heartwarming, and relatable series with a dash of humour and, not least, chaos”.

The creator of the drama also released a statement where she said, “The initial reception to the first three seasons of Pørni has been remarkably positive and I am thrilled that the upcoming seasons will debut on Netflix”.

“I hope that fans of Pørni will continue to tune in, and perhaps the series will even attract a new fresh audience, who will be intrigued by Pørni's relatable, but occasionally chaotic, and sometimes cringe-worthy, life”, she added.

Netflix announced the addition of a six-part comedy show to their colossal library. Viewe­rs can already find the first three parts ready for streaming. However, the awaited seasons four and five are yet to be launched.