Prince William refuses to follow King Charles lead in important matter

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Prince William has refused to take King Charles’ lead in matters surrounding his wife Kate Middleton, an expert has revealed.

William, Prince of Wales, lets Kate Middleton enjoy the limelight and the attention she attracts, unlike Charles, who was “jealous” of Princess Diana’s popularity.

Speaking on the matter, a royal expert told OK! Magazine that William should be credited for not feeling “jealous” of Kate Middleton’s huge fan following.

Jennie Bond noted how Prince William learned a lot from his parents’ failed marriage and made sure not to follow his father’s lead in crucial matters surrounding Kate, the Princess of Wales.

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"William deserves a great deal of credit because he has never appeared jealous of the attention that his wife gets,” the expert said.

"He has gently introduced her into what life would be like and has let her shine and constantly demonstrates that he's hugely proud of her,” she added.

"William allows her centre stage without quibble. They are an incredibly strong couple, which gives her a great deal of confidence.”

The expert went on to shower praises on William, saying how he has “always” been careful “to guide, support and encourage Kate in all that she has done.”

“He has never shown any sign of being jealous of all the attention his wife gets. He is immensely proud of her. But Charles found Di-mania hard to handle."