Brutal ‘Rebel Moon' reviews breaks lead actress heart

Sofia Boutella opens up about how 'Rebel Moon' poor reviews affected her

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Brutal ‘Rebel Moon reviews breaks lead actress heart
Brutal ‘Rebel Moon' reviews breaks lead actress heart

Critics gave scathing reviews when Rebel Moon debuted. Now, Sofia Boutella is reacting to the flak and its effects on her.

During an incident with Vulture, the Kingsman actress said, “I always thought that I was fully armed to take on those punches, and then I read the critics that came down on ‘Rebel Moon’ and it really affected me.”

Doubling down on her earnest work in the film, she added, “I’m just gonna be honest about it. I feel like I’m carrying it for everybody that cared so much about this project, and that’s what affected me.”

“Not the way I look. If anything, I’ve been pretty lucky, and people like my work in it, but the movie was criticized.”

The film was much anticipated due to Zack Snyder's return. But, at its inception, the flick only managed to score 21% on the critic approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Describing the poor reviews' effect on her, Sofia shared, “It really affected me for all of those who put so much heart, tears, and sweat in this project,” she shared.

“It’s hard to see something being demolished to that extent. I’m proud to have been part of it, and if there is no more Rebel Moon, it will be a very important part of my life that I will defend forever.”