Beyoncé continues to rule charts with hit track

UK charts continue to be dominated by Beyoncé as her country single breaks record

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Beyoncé continues to rule charts with hit track
Beyoncé continues to rule charts with hit track

Indicators suggest Beyoncé is set to continue the top spot in the U.K. chart for her first country song Texas Hold ‘Em.

Factoring in the multiple metrics including midweek sales and streaming data, Billboard reports, the country-tinged hit has an upper hand.

It comes after Queen Bey earned the top title first time in nearly fourteen years.

On the other hand, discussions are rife about the continuity of Beyonce and Jay Z's marriage ongoing for over a decade despite the cheating scandal.

Spilling beans on the matter, an insider revealed the pop icon has too much to lose in splitting with the husband.

“They’ve built an empire together, and there’s too much at stake. They’re one of those couples who are worth more together than apart."

The sources tell In Touch Weekly, "It’s almost as if their marriage has evolved into a business partnership, and they’re just friends now who basically lead separate lives.

So whatever tension there may be behind closed doors, they seem to go out of their way to not let the public see it," the bird chirped.