King Charles wants work as His Majesty ‘loves' his people

King Charles is adamant on coming back to duties amid cancer treatment

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King Charles is keen to get back to work amid cancer diagnosis.

His Majesty, who is currently undergoing treatment, ‘loves’ his people and wants to get back to full-fledged duties.

A Royal insider tells Mirror: "King Charles is determined to keep going. What people don't realise is just how much King Charles loves the people. He adores them. He has waited so long for this role and will do his very best while he is being treated. "

Meanwhile, another source spoke about Prince William and Prince Harry’s future in royal duties, noting: "King Charles wants Prince William and Harry to enjoy their families. To spend time with their children and watch them grow up, and be as hands on as possible. Taking on more public duties right now is not what he wants for them, so he is determined to soldier on as much as possible. He is getting the best care and has a very positive attitude."