Meghan Markle wasted Queen Camilla ‘tireless work' with selfish move

Meghan Markle stole Queen Camilla’s limelight with key move

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Meghan Markle seemingly tired to steal the spotlight from Camilla by overshadowing her landmark speech.

The Duchess of Sussex, shared pictures of her on a private visit to the National Theatre four years ago, ensured the photos were released the same day as the 10th anniversary of the Women of the World Festival in London, when Camilla gave a memorable address.

Royal insider at the time said: "Camilla’s work is very important to her and her decision to highlight the scourge of domestic violence at the 10th ­anniversary of Women of the World was a carefully thought-out plan.”

"Over the last four years, she has worked tirelessly, mostly behind the scenes but to great effect, to use her ­platform and personal experiences to highlight the issue and help sufferers,” he noted.