King Charles loses trust in Prince William's ability to become next King

King Charles thinks Prince William is not ready to take his place amid cancer battle

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King Charles has lost his trust in Prince William to become the next King of the United Kingdom after evaluating his recent concerning behaviour since Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis, as per latest report.

The monarch thinks the Prince of Wales needs more time to take his place, an insider revealed to In Touch Weekly, before highlighting the recent PR disaster William faced.

Amid rumours that Charles may not have more than two years to live, a source shared that the King is worried that William is not prepared to take over the throne.

They said that Charles and Queen Camilla are “worried about Prince William, who is next in line to the throne, because he’s currently facing a public relations disaster.”

“Charles knows the pressures of being the monarch,” the insider added. “And he just isn’t sure William is ready to take his place. It seems premature, and there could be consequences.”

To deal with the rehashed rumours of him cheating on his wife Kate Middleton with Rose Hanbury, William resorted to drinking, adding to King Charles’ fears.

The monarch also worried that William might make the same mistake he did when he cheated on his then-wife Princess Diana with now-Queen Camilla.

Additionally, Charles cannot just ignore the heated altercation between William and Prince Harry – about which the Duke of Sussex wrote in his bestseller memoir, Spare.

The source said William has issues dealing with difficult situations which is why the Prince is finding it difficult to navigate the fact that his father as well as his beloved wife has a life threatening disease. 

To cater with William’s drinking problem, the source said “Charles has counseled him that there can be no more carefree outings to the pub anymore.”