Rebel Wilson reveals the 'emotional war' behind her weight loss journey

Rebel Wilson wrote her memoir, 'Revel Rising: A Memoir' to encourage people facing similar challenges

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Rebel Wilson reveals the emotional war behind her weight loss journey
Rebel Wilson reveals the 'emotional war' behind her weight loss journey

Rebel Wilson, known for her role in Pitch Perfect opened up about her battle with weight and self image.

During an interview with PEOPLE Magazine, Wilson shared about the struggles in her journey of self-acceptance.

She revealed how she promoted body positivity and the idea that 'beauty is at any shape and size,' yet struggled with habits she found shameful.

"For example, eating a whole tub of ice cream every night and then feeling bad about myself, making myself get up early in the morning and go to the gym for an hour and a half and running on that treadmill until sometimes my back would hurt," The Hustle actress added.

Wilson told the outlet that the turning point came she acknowledged herself as an 'emotional eater' and started therapy to address the roots of her behavior.

During the pandemic, the How to Be Single actress embarked on a 'year of health,' which led to weight loss.

This journey inspired Wilson to write her memoir, hoping to 'give people the message, if they're like me and an emotional eater, that it's not about that stuff. It's literally about working at a healthier way to deal with your emotions, and there is no magic solution.'

The memoir, Revel Rising: A Memoir is scheduled to release on April 2, 2024.