King Charles ‘cheerfulness' on Easter showcased ‘relieved' Camilla

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King Charles exuded authentic ‘cheerfulness’ alongside Queen Camilla at the Easter walkabout.

His Majesty led the day alongside Camilla as the family walked to St George’s Chapel.

Speaking about the Queen’s at ease body language, expert Judi James said: “As Charles savoured his return to the public spotlight [while] Camilla stepped to one side, offering a smile of what looked like pride and maybe even relief to the crowds.”

Camilla showed “no visible signs of concern or anxiety,” according to James.

She added: “Charles has had the best role model when it comes to stoicism, his mother, the late Queen, managed to show bravery and resolve in any circumstances.”

James said: “The King’s non-verbal performance here even veered towards beaming delight at seeing the public again face-to-face, with a playful approach to his conversations."

“He even pulled a small comedy mouth gesture before turning to offer an affectionate, flapping wave to the fans,” noted the expert.