Prince Harry needs to stay away from vulnerable King Charles

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Prince Harry has just been urged to stay as far away as possible from King Charles now that he’s made the Royal Family so vulnerable.

Royal commentator Angela Levin issued these claims regarding Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

She weighed in on things during one of her most recent interviews with Sky News Australia.

She began everything by saying, “He said some disgusting things of the Royal Family. He left in 2020 and it got worse and worse.”

“Harry should keep well away. He's not wanted. He certainly won't be on the top of Prince William's list of people to talk to, because he'll ramble on about himself.”

Even royal commentator Angela Mollard followed these sentiments by highlighting how many amazing things came crashing to a halt quite quickly with the outlet.

According to the expert, “he has done amazing things. He fought for his country. He was a natural raconteur, a natural human person that we connected with” but “It just want so badly wrong so quickly.”

“It's interesting to reflect on whether you think Harry would be self-aware enough to be thinking about what impact he might have had on this family.”

“The royals have never looked more vulnerable and Harry has to accept that he played a part in that,” she added before signing off.