Kate Middleton ‘secret' ticket to success with Royals unearthed

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Kate Middleton ‘secret ticket so success with Royals unearthed
Kate Middleton ‘secret' ticket so success with Royals unearthed 

Kate Middleton’s real reason for success in the Royal Family is due to her reliable and close circle.

The Princess of Wales, who is currently undergoing cancer treatment, heavily depends on her mother Carole Middleton and sister Pippa.

Royal expert Jennie Bond tells OK Magazine: "One reason Kate has made such a success of her royal role is because she has a strong inner circle – and it extends way beyond her parents and siblings.”

"Carole and Pippa have obviously been on hand during Kate's recovery, I'm sure Carole must have been very worried about her daughter and has probably been clucking around like a mother hen."

Speaking further about Kate’s friend, the expert adds: "But sometimes, your oldest friends – who've been with you through thick and thin – are just the ticket," she added.

"Kate has maintained deep friendships with several of her schoolmates, who obviously knew her way before royalty came her way, so they'll know just how to help."