Kirsten Dunst teases possible return to 'Bring It On' but with a catch

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Kirsten Dunst teases possible return to Bring It On but with a catch
Kirsten Dunst teases possible return to 'Bring It On' but with a catch

Kirsten Dunst discussed possibly re­prising her Torrance Shipman character from 2000's Bring It On movie­ and considered acce­pting the role under one­ circumstance.

The 41-year-old actor isn’t entirely against the idea of revisiting some old flicks including the cheerleading world of beloved sport drama.

While the actress first spoke of a potential remake during her latest cover story for GQ where she stated, “People want us to make another Bring It On too”, suggesting that she isn’t closing the doors of opportunity if a ‘good script’ comes her way.

“I don’t know what our positions would be or whatever. I talked to Peyton Reed, the director, about it”, she continued.

Now at the premiere of her latest Sci-fi movie Civil War, the Spiderman actress spoke to Entertainment Tonight and was inquired about her stance on the reprisal.

“I mean, it depends. Everyone's bringing back their stuff, right?", she admitted before appreciating fan’s interest in the ‘little throwback’.

However, she also revealed her condition for considering the part and noted, "As long as it's not embarrassing”.

It is worth mentioning here that the director of the movie, Peyton Reed, had previously expressed his interest in the project’s remake and shared, “It could happen. We’d always been thinking about it”.

“Gabriel [Union] (who also starred in the original film) has not only ideas, but great ideas. So, that is something that I hope we can continue to discuss”, Reed added.

For those who haven’t watched, Bring It On was released in 2000 and became a cult classic. 

The movie follows the story of Shipman, the captain of the Toro cheer-leading squad who competes at Daytona Beach, Florida, cheer competition against a rival high school team, the Clovers.