Amy Nuttall, Andrew Buchan give their marriage 'another chance'

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Amy Nuttall, Andrew Buchan give their marriage another chance
Amy Nuttall, Andrew Buchan give their marriage 'another chance'

Amy Nuttall and her husband, Andrew Buchan, have decided to give their marriage another try, marking the third time the couple has reconciled.

According to Mirror report, the Emmerdale actress has had a rocky relationship with Buchan following his departure from their 11-year marriage to start a new relationship with Leila Farzad in 2023.

Despite the hardships and a previous separation, the couple seems to have found their way back to each other.

An insider told The Sun, "Andrew has come to her and promised to change. They have been working through their problems and are trying to put the love triangle behind them for the sake of their family."

Amy, during an interview about her finances with The Sunday Times, subtly confirmed their reunion by discussing their joint ownership of a family home in Buckinghamshire.

She said, "generally speaking, in the last financial year, what can I tell you? Below a hundred grand, but I’m married so it all goes into one pot. So it’s not as scary because I can lean on that. I’m the joint owner of our comfortable family home in Buckinghamshire. We owned a smaller house before."