King Charles jeopardising all the humanising work of Kate Middleton, Prince William

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Experts have just urged King Charles to not jeopardise all the humanising work of Kate Middleton and Prince William over the years with an old royal rule.

Everything has been claimed by royal commentator Daniela Elser.

She weighed in on things during one of her most recent pieces for

In that piece she addressed the no autograph royal rule which Meghan Markle apparently broke during her visit to an LA children’s hospital in the last week of March.

Referencing that chance and the overarching feeling of constraints from the Windsors’ camp Ms Elser said, “There was a time not that long ago when members of the royal family posing for selfies was as verboten as fishnets in the Royal Enclosure at Ascot and yet now they so regularly and with relish.”

“And yet, no scrawling their names or it’s off to the Tower to think about what they have done,” she added.

This even led the expert to question ‘every sensible’ possibility available as to the Royal Family’s reluctance.

So much so that she said, “I cannot come up with one sensible reason why in 2024 working members of the royal family should be restrained from giving autographs. One argument previously floated is that their signatures could then be sold or forged but there are images of their John Hancocks all over the internet. That horse has long since bolted.”

“Also, given we now live in an age where it is only so long before AI-generated videos showing saying Camilla performing Beyonce’s Single Ladies start cropping up (*prays) and yet someone, as recently as last year, was preventing Kate from showing off her neat cursive?”

“The absurdity here matters because it’s instances like this which jeopardise all the modernising and humanising work that Kate and William have been slogging away at; it’s instances like this that make a sane, considered person, pause, step back and look at the institution with fresh, critical eyes,” she added before signing off as well.