Meghan Markle called ‘Brooklyn Beckham' amid new cooking show

Meghan Markle mocked for her new cooking show

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Meghan Markle called ‘Brooklyn Beckham amid new cooking show
Meghan Markle called ‘Brooklyn Beckham' amid new cooking show 

Meghan Markle is branded the next ‘Brooklyn Beckham,’ as she launches her own cooking show.

The Duchess of Sussex, who is all set to start her new project under brand American Riviera Orchard, is compared to David Beckham’s son, who is also an aspiring chef.

Mail on Sunday editor Charlotte Griffiths revealed: "The idea that they're not trading on their royal connections for this is for the birds.

"Because although they're not directly slagging off the Royal Family like they were in the last Netflix show, who would possibly tune in to a programme about Meghan Markle cooking if it wasn't for the fact she'd married into the Royal Family?"

She added: "I've seen something circulating online, her last cookery show was her cooking toast. She cooked toast. About five years ago, she revealed her recipe for toast, which has ricotta on it, and her granny's favourite jam.

"I watched that and it was a little bit like watching paint dry if I'm going to be honest. So she hasn't got great form for cookery shows so far.

"I think she and Brooklyn Beckham should probably be locked in a room together and just made to create.

"I think it's going to be really cringe. I know she's fond of cooking and it's a hobby, but she's not known to be a passionate cook,” noted the expert.