Meghan Markle is risking Victoria Beckham's wrath

Meghan Markle is reportedly at risk of some major dangers now that she’s taken to Hollywood in full throttle

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Meghan Markle is risking Victoria Beckham’s wrath

Meghan Markle has just been warned against a major upheavel that is sure to rock her now that she's seemingly shifted her Hollywood dream into full gear.

Insights into everything have been shared by Brand expert and Director at Borne Media, Denise Palmer-Davies.

She weighed in on everything during one of her most recent interviews with The Sun.

During that chat she referenced Meghan Markle's endeavour and said, “While this could potentially be a lucrative business long term, she should be under no illusion that she will get success overnight.”

After all, “Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow have spent years and years building their businesses and perfecting their brands.”

All in all, “It is a difficult market to crack - even Victoria has had her obstacles - as it is so saturated.”

And “Meghan will need a very good marketing and financial team behind her to make this work and ultimately she needs to put in the graft. These days a business can’t survive on a name alone.”

Before concluding she also chimed in on the potential reprecussions to this move and said, “I do wonder what Victoria might think of Meghan essentially tapping into her market. She might think there is enough room for them all and welcome the competition.”

However, “given their fall out, the sceptic in me wonders if she’d be secretly pleased if it did backfire. That would be the ultimate revenge wouldn’t it?” she added before signing off.