Meghan Markle ‘cruel' snub to family unearthed

Meghan Markle abandonment of father and siblings laid bare

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Meghan Markle has reportedly cut total ties with the her father and siblings after marrying into the Royal Family.

The Duchess of Sussex, who tied the knot with Prince Harry in 2018, have been accused of leaving behind Thomas Markle and half-sister Samantha Markle after earning fame.

In September 2023, Thomas said: "Thomas Markle Jr is upset with her. She's treated their father appalingly, has not been in touch with him at all since his heart attack and strokes."

He spoke in an interview with Good Morning Britain as he told the TV programme: "I'm heartbroken. I am very upset. This is a cruel thing to do to a grandparent — to deny the right to see a grandchild."

He added: "In California, I can actually sue to see them but I don't want to do that. The other thing is I've done nothing wrong. There's nothing that points to say I'm a bad guy. I'm a really loving father and she knows that, and there's no excuse for treating me this way — no excuse to treat grandparents that way."