Prince Harry puts forth his ‘vengeful nature' with latest bold move

Prince Harry has officially declared his US residency after stepping down as senior Royal

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Prince Harry puts forth his ‘vengeful nature’ with latest bold move

Prince Harry has displayed his “vengeful nature” by choosing the same date as his Frogmore eviction to mark his US residency four years after stepping down as senior working Royal.

Speaking with Ben Leo on GB News, Royal Editor Charlotte Griffiths said the Duke of Sussex is “spiteful” as he “cannot let go of his past.”

She even accused him of taking a dig at his father King Charles, who has recently been diagnosed of cancer, claiming the Duke has “trolled” him with his latest move.

"Harry was incensed by this move. Nothing is by chance with Harry. He's kind of spiteful and he can't let go of the past,” she said.

"Why is he so hung up on Frogmore? This is the country he was desperate to get away from. This is a house he didn't particularly want to live in and in fact didn't live in."

Responding to her rant, the host said, "The thing that gets me is that Harry and Meghan left the UK. They said we're going to focus on a new life away from the hellhole in England and all the trauma they'd been through with the Royal Family.”

"All they seem to have done since then is look back and complain about the way they were treated?" he added. "And if this is right, that he chose this date to have a dig at the King, it's just another act of his really quite vengeful nature."