Inside Kanye West, Bianca Censori's ‘fully orchestrated' public outings

Kanye West and Bianca Censori’s frequent outings have been analyzed by an expert

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Inside Kanye West, Bianca Censori’s ‘fully orchestrated’ public outings 

Kanye West has “no shame” in using his wife Bianca Censori as a “prop” to continue the “mystique” around his brand, per an expert who’s followed the rapper's antics for years.

Jeannie Assimos, the former Managing Editor of Entertainment Tonight says Ye’s frequent outings with Bianca, where she usually dons barely-there outfits, are very much planned and the Praise God rapper aims to be seen.

"I believe Bianca and Ye's outings are to continue the mystique and create continued interest in his brand. I think he is obsessed with the media attention, and she is a so-called prop that he has no shame in using," Jeannie told The Mirror.

"I think Ye and Bianca are absolutely upping their game with the press, a perfect example is the media dubbed "condom dress" she was just photographed wearing. Celebrities know where to go to get photographed. They also know where they can go and be private,” she added.

"This is fully orchestrated,” she asserted.

She explained: “Ye seems to be building a very bizarre brand, and at this point, it's almost like a trainwreck that the public can't stop watching. But would they buy anything from him at this point? Big brands he had former associations with don't think so. TV host Bill Maher even recently refused to air a podcast interview with Ye because he didn't want to perpetuate anti-semitic comments from the rapper."

Jeannie concluded her analysis noting that Kanye’s brand’s future doesn’t seem so bright after his outings with Bianca have made onlookers worried about the Yeezy architect.

"Ye may be a pull for photographers and media, but he has severely damaged his brand," she said.