Prince Harry ‘boundaries' with Royals ‘firm' with US residency

Prince Harry has seemingly decided to not look back with US residency

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Prince Harry has reportedly cut ties with the Royal Family in an attempt to fully commit to life in the US.

The Duke of Sussex, who has declared his primary residence in the UK, has drawn boundaries with father King Charles and other relatives.

Relationship expert Louella Alderson tells The Mirror: "His relationships with the Royal Family do not appear to be a priority for Harry, as he focuses on building his new brand and career in the US. The finality of this decision could potentially cause Prince William and other members of the Royal Family to feel hurt and disappointed, but it may also provide clarity and closure for everyone involved."

She added: "While Harry has been living in the US for four years, declaring it as his new usual residence officially feels like a subtle but sure way of establishing boundaries and creating a new identity separate from his royal duties. Harry's relationships with his family are already strained and this step sends them a message that he is not planning to return to the UK anytime soon, if at all."