Prince Harry ‘final goodbye' as UK snubbed for residence

Prince Harry bids adieu to his birthplace in key move

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Prince Harry has seemingly sent his final good bye to the Royal Family.

The Duke of Sussex, who has officially changed his place of primary residence to the US, has closed all doors of return to the UK.

Royal author Tom Quinn, who marks Harry’s upcoming visit to the UK a pivotal shift in jao status, says: "Harry is scheduled to speak at St Paul’s Cathedral in London on May 8 to mark the tenth anniversary of the Invictus Games. The Games were founded by Harry when he was still a working royal so pressure isn’t being brought to bear to make him give it up now."

He added: "But even if Harry begged to be allowed back to help out - even if his father King Charles became so ill he was unable to carry out his duties - whatever happens, the call to help will never go out to Montecito. Making the US his primary residence is Harry’s final goodbye."

Prince Harry left the Royal Family back in 2020 alongside wife Meghan Markle and son, Prince Archie. The couple later accused the Royal Family of showcasing racism towards their son and publicly shared their grievances on television. Harry and Meghan now live in California, where they also welcomed their daughter, Princess Lilibet.