Meghan Markle, dad Thomas bond ‘beyond repair' after constant ‘betrayal'

Meghan Markle has not forgiven father Thomas Markle after betrayal

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Meghan Markle is reportedly holding unresolved issues with her father, Thomas Markle.

The former lighting director, who has spoken about estranged Meghan on a number of interviews, cannot have a way back to his daughter after multiple ‘betrayals.’

Speaking exclusively to The Mirror, relationship expert Louella Alderson revealed: "Thomas Markle has spoken out about his estranged daughter on multiple occasions since the start of her relationship with Prince Harry, and he continues to do so, even after being cut off from communication with Meghan.”

"This shows that there are still unresolved issues between them, and it's unlikely they will be able to mend their relationship anytime soon if Thomas Markle keeps sharing private information,” she added.

The expert continued: "Their relationship could very well be beyond repair at this point, as there have been multiple instances of betrayal and hurt between them."

Louella explained: "It's possible for relationships to mend and heal over time, but ultimately, it will depend on both parties being willing to put in effort and work towards reconciliation. It would take a lot of forgiveness and understanding from Meghan to repair her relationship with her father, and it's unclear if she is ready or willing to do so at this point."