Kanye West 'doubles' Bianca Censori protection after battery incident

Expert expects Kanye West to be more protective of wife Bianca Censori after harassment issue

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Kanye West doubles Bianca Censori protection after battery incident
Kanye West doubles Bianca Censori protection after battery incident

A body language expert analyzing the latest outing of Kanye West and Bianca Censori led to remark the former has become extra protective of his wife after a person allegedly assaulted her.

The findings are based on the snaps of the pair who stepped out at Cienega Med Spa for a session of relaxation on Sunday.

For the outing, the Yeezy architecture unlike her typical fashion statement opted to go fully-covered in a white bodysuit along with a turtleneck and shorts. Matching her outfit, Ye slipped into a hoodie and sweatpants.

Judi James, an expert on body language weighed in on the couple’s latest outing explaining "Bianca is over-dressed to an extreme degree by her own standards and this should produce some signals of relaxation and increased confidence."

"As she wears both shoes and a gilet that she can walk in with comfort, leaving her free to be more expressive with her movements.”

Adding the pair’s similar outfits was a statement that they are strong and together despite the recent incident of Kanye punching a person for allegedly harassing Bianca.

"She is also visually twinned to Kanye via their matching white outfits, making them look more like a couple or even a celebrity power couple than ever, which you might expect to see making her happy," the expert told The Mirror.

Noting, "Given their recent circumstances, you might also expect Kanye to be in a protective role with his wife."