Prince Harry 'homesick' calls to King Charles laid bare

Prince Harry was apprehensive ahead of King Charles coronation

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Prince Harry homesick calls to King Charles laid bare
Prince Harry 'homesick' calls to King Charles laid bare

Prince Harry reportedly made multiple calls to King Charles ahead of his coronation in 2023.

The Duke of Sussex, exited UK in 2020 was schedule to come back for his father’s big day.

However, an apprehensive Harry is accused of making homesick calls to the King for various reasons.

The Mirror's royal editor Russell Myers notes how the Duke was upset with the seating plan and wanted to be under security at all times.

Myers also told Sky News Australia that Harry had also been "seeking reassurances" from His Majesty and was "homesick.”

"He's homesick, he does miss his family," Mr Myers told the news station.

Now that Harry has changed US as his primary residence, royal commentator Sean O’Grady advises Harry in The Independent: "It is a bit painful to reflect on all the goodwill for the future heaped on Harry and Meghan when they got married, only six years ago next month. Whoever is to blame for the collapse in their relationship with Britain since, the country lost something quite special when the Sussexes decamped to North America."

He added: "The next logical step for the couple is to become Mr and Mrs Sussex. Then it will be how long before the Duke of Sussex seeks US citizenship, complete with passport?"