Internet reacts to Taylor Swift 'clever plan' to tame boyfriends

Report suggests Taylor Swift adds NDAs into relationships to stave off potential future damage leading netizens to share their thoughts

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Internet reacts to Taylor Swift clever plan to tame boyfriends
Internet reacts to Taylor Swift 'clever plan' to tame boyfriends

Netizens are sharing thoughts on a claim of a celebrity lawyer that explains why exes of Taylor Swift typically did not respond to her in letter and spirit over her tracks that often slammed them.

"Taylor Swift has settled a number of scores in song, yet cleverly ensured her ex-lovers rarely become liabilities," expert Emma Gill said.

This theory is in line with previous speculations that believed the Grammy winner has signed an NDA or non-disclosure agreement with her boyfriends to protect herself from any possible damage, especially after a breakup.

The legal expert continued, “By definition, we’ll never really know what conditions are imposed by non-disclosure agreements – but you can find templates for ‘Relationship NDA’s’ online.”

The interview of the expert comes after the release of the recent album of Carolina's hitmaker, The Tortured Poets Department which is thought to be inspired by her split from Joe Alwyn.

Emma told Daily Mail, “The law is there to protect your reputation and prevent confidential information about you being used for someone else’s personal gain."

Adding, “These days, when so much is shared in public, shrew millennials are also keen to set boundaries and expectations for social media, not to mention more intimate material, and a prenup will now often specify how photos or videos have to be deleted or returned along with the keys to the house or car.”

Though Taylor or her exes never confirmed this in public, however, a previous statement by the 34-year-old might somewhat lend credence to this theory.

“I don’t talk about my personal life in great detail. I write about it in my songs, and I feel like you can share enough about your life in your music to let people know what you’re going through," she told Glamour in 2012.

Netizens, meanwhile, expressed their views on the alleged use ofnon-disclosure agreements by Taylor.

Internet reacts to Taylor Swift clever plan to tame boyfriends